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If you have average, limited, or poor credit, don't worry! HSBC Bank has a great line of credit cards for you. These cards are aimed at helping you with your financial situation, even if you have been turned down by other vendors. Low interest and low annual fees make these cards great for any circumstances that may arise. Looking to lease or purchase a new car or truck? HSBC Bank has the personalized card just for you. You can even earn rebate rewards with purchase made on that specific card. HSBC Bank looks to protect you from credit card fraud, which is why you will not be held accountable for any unauthorized transactions that could be made on your card. It is their goal to provide you with a card that meets your needs and that will enhance whatever situation you may find yourself in. See the terms and conditions for the credit card you choose before you apply to view the specifics of the payment program.

HSBC Bank is committed to maintaining high personal standards of integrity in all aspects of their business. They are also committed to efficient and outstanding customer service to answer your questions. They strive to be fair and objective and continue to as a business strategy. HSBC Bank also has become a valued member of the community. In 2006, they had more then $31.4 million in social investments, and were nationally recognized for doing so. They also look to play a role in education throughout the community. Their definition of community also stretches past people to the environment around them. HSBC Bank wants to make all areas of life better to be a part of. By volunteering their time and efforts, HSBC employees look to help you and your community. Let HSBC Bank assist you today.