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Instant Approval Credit Cards

The term “instant approval” is one of the most misused descriptors associated with credit cards, largely due to the varying definitions among credit card issuers. Some banks will allow for an instant credit decision, others will make a decision on the same day; still others may approve the issue of a card relatively quickly but will not permit immediate access to the resulting credit line. These policies will vary from bank to bank, so if you are looking for an instant approval credit card you need to be mindful of how quickly you make use of your newfound credit – each card will specify its terms of issue in the agreement found on the credit card’s review page.

Perhaps the most dangerous pitfall of instant credit cards is the speed with which many consumers submit applications, meaning it’s not unusual for one person to apply for two or three cards at once. This is a bad idea, as each credit inquiry has the potential to significantly diminish your chances of getting a card. Multiple applications may also signal possible fraudulent activity, so careful consideration and commitment to one card is an absolute must. For additional assistance in identifying the instant approval card that best fits your situation, please consult our list of recommended reading materials on the right.