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Prepaid Credit Card Basics

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Prepaid credit cards are designed for individuals who might have difficulty getting approved for an unsecured line of credit but would still like all the functionality and convenience of a regular charge card. While specific features will vary from program to program, a prepaid card generally requires the user to deposit cash or a paycheck (also known as “loading” the card) which will then be used as a secured source of funds for the owner to drawn against for as long as a positive balance is maintained. Prepaid credit cards work just like regular debit or charge cards; you can use them at any location that accepts Visa or MasterCard and some will even issue you a PIN number to use to withdraw cash at any ATM, anytime, anywhere.

People looking to apply for a prepaid credit card are usually concerned about three major determining factors: the annual fee, the application fee, and the participation fee. Annual fees are charges to use the prepaid service on a per-year basis, whereas participation fees are a charge to use the service on a per-month basis. You will rarely see a prepaid card that charges both an annual fee and a participation fee, so choosing between one or the other is simply a matter of deciding where you want your fees paid for in one lump sum (annually) or on more of a pay-as-you-go system.

Please see our library of recommended reading materials on the right for more information & additional assistance with prepaid credit card terminology and selection.

Wired Plastic® Visa® Prepaid Card

The Wired Plastic® Visa® Prepaid Card issued by Bancorp Bank is a prepaid credit card that makes spending easy, flexible and convenient. This top-notch offer is widely accepted as a genuine Visa card which is accessible all over the world to make your life a little easier. Spending Control. As a valued cardholder you get to spend with options. You can make debit and credit transactions easily. You can check your balance and withdraw cash at ATMs - that way you are always in control. Friendly Assistance. Now, there are live service agents available to help you with any important questions. As a cardmember your concerns are important and will be promptly addressed through their friendly representatives. Convenience. To add a little ease to spending with a prepaid credit card, you can make your payments easily online or over the phone. You'll never have to pay for direct deposit and you can load your card at 100,000 loading locations throughout the world Annual Fee: $0
Application Fee: $9.95
Participation Fee: $71.40 ($5.95 monthly)

Features: Various Internet account related services. Automatic bill payment. Free direct deposit load option. Access to the Wired Points Rewards program. See website for additional benefits.

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Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card

The Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card is a prepaid Visa debit card issued by the Bancorp Bank. It's not a bank account, or a credit card it is however, a way to set yourself free from costly interest charges and overdraft fees. To start with, there is no embarrassing credit check required to obtain a Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card. All you have to do is fill out the easy online form after a simple verification of your identity (required by law) you will be mailed you very own Visa prepaid debit card. The Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card gives you perks, privileges and rewards that are virtually never found on prepaid debit cards: you'll earn 1% cash back on gasoline purchases a rebate which is added directly onto your Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card balance. Plus, you'll receive FREE roadside assistance as long as your card remains active each month. Some prepaid debit cards charge a fee when you use them to make purchases. With Annual Fee: $0
Application Fee: $9.95
Participation Fee: $7.95 - $9.95 monthly

Features: Free Savings Account at 5.65% APY Free Direct Deposit Visa® Zero Liability policy Free roadside assistance See website for additional benefits.

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