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MetaBank wants to help those who may be having difficulty obtaining an unsecured credit card. By offering a low interest rate and no annual fees, MetaBank is here for you and wants to help. They also offer other great services such as free bill pay service for the first 7 months you have your new card. MetaBank also has pre-paid cards; if that is a path you look to choose. If you sign up for the pre-paid MasterCard, you are eligible for a cash back rewards program. That comes with a sign up reward, and a reward for everyone that you sign up with you. Just because your credit is not perfect does not mean you should not be eligible for rewards. MetaBank treats you like you should be treated regardless of your credit situation. Overdraft protection is one of the many great services offer by MetaBank. See the terms and conditions for the credit card you choose before you apply to view the specifics of the payment program.

MetaBank's mission is to make money management easy for customers through every life alteration. They know that change can arise at any time. They aim to make it pleasurable to do business with them, not a chore. When you work with MetaBank, you get top notch service aimed at high quality results. That is why they set high and challenging goals. The higher you set the bar, the more rewarding the accomplishment becomes. They want to do things the correct way, while making it a fun experience for you. MetaBank takes pride in all aspects of their work, and results show it. Become a part of the MetaBank family today!