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Credit Card Blog - Elvis Presley Prepaid MasterCard Credit Card

 Friday, 02 March 2007

Your Credit Network is proud to announce the addition of the Elvis Presley Prepaid MasterCard Card. Now you will be able to use your stored funds card with one of rock’s most influential icons on it. This post will point out some of the great features to this new and exciting prepaid credit card.

“The King” Prepaid MasterCard Card

The King is back, and it isn’t an Elvis impersonator. Now you can get a prepaid MasterCard card without having the best credit score. Elvis fans without great credit are now able to obtain a card that is prepaid for so monthly bills will not be necessary. Money gets put on by you directly through your bank account so you have complete and total control of your spending and your limits. Putting funds on your prepaid card in advance is a good way to ensure that you don’t go over your limits and you can afford what you are paying for.

The Elvis Presley Prepaid MasterCard card has some very attractive features:

Annual fee: $0
Minimum Credit limit: $0
Maximum Credit Limit: $2,500
Application Fee: $59.95 + $90 + $10***
Participation Fee: $83.40 (or $6.95 monthly)

Important Notations: ***The total initial fee includes a $59.95 application fee, a $90 processing fee, and a $10 bonus rebate, which will be credited back to qualified accounts as the opening balance.

Elvis Prepaid Credit Card Perks

Finally Elvis Fans are able to sign up for a prepaid credit card that gives back. This card has over 40 discounts and perks across the country; from dinner & flowers to clothing, by having this card you will save big on some of the very same purchases you make every day. A few perks that won’t leave you in the “Heartbreak Hotel” are:

  • 25% Off of USA Today by subscribing with your Elvis Presley MasterCard
  • 35% Off any TaxCut Online Preparaton Product from H&R Block
  • 10% Off your stay at Participating Red Roof Inn Locations

See the Elvis Prepaid Visa credit card review for additional perks & bonuses!

Additional Resources:

Phillip Sunders
Team Your Credit Network

Friday, 02 March 2007 18:53:24 (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)  #     
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