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Credit Card Blog - Account Now Vantage Debit Visa Card

 Tuesday, 03 July 2007

Guaranteed approval and Instant Account Number

Click Here to Apply for this Credit Card

Ready for this new card from Your Credit Network? The Account Now Vantage Debit Visa Card. This blog entry will cover the basics, and the great aspects of this prepaid credit card.

Account Now Vantage Debit Visa Card Basics

  • Low annual fee
  • $0 for direct deposit on card
  • Free bill pay service for the first seven transactions each month
  • No inactive fee

Do You Need a Prepaid Card?

This card is great for you if you have trouble obtaining an unsecured credit card. No bank acount, no worries! You do not need a bank account for this card, instead all you need to do is make payments in advance. But do not worry about these payments, because they help you. They will generally offset some of the future costs that will occur with this card. So it is not like you are throwing money away. You will have it returned to you in some fashion. Usually you would expect really large fees with a card like this. But that is not the case. The fee list includes:

  • $19.95 Annual Fee
  • $4.95 Monthly Fee
  • $79.35 First Year Fee (Combined Fee)

So as you can see, they have reasonable fees. So you do not have to worry about signing your funds away. Which really helps, because it is your money, so you need to be able to spend it on things you want! You even get a free bill pay service with this card for the first seven months. You also have access to a great free credit building service. So this card looks to help you out, which is something you should expect from your card. It is time to put down that card that just abuses you and does not give anything back. You do not have to settle for one set form of card use. There are three unique plans and they all differ in fees and services. So you have great options you need to review and look at.

This Account Now Debit Card is For You!

Don't settle for a pre paid card that charges you a ton of money to use it. You deserve better then that. Great flexibility comes standard with this debit card. Isn't that something you want? Isn't that something that you deserve? It should be. So don't wait any longer. Sign up for this great new prepaid card today. You will not be disappointed at all!

Click here to apply for the Account Now Vantage Visa Debit Card

Click Here to Apply for this Credit Card

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