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Credit Card Blog - American Express Platinum Business Freedom Pass APR Decrease

 Thursday, 18 January 2007

American Express lowered its APR on the American Express Platinum Business Freedom Pass Credit Card this week from 15.99% to 12.99%; this makes the credit card one of the top five lowest interest rate credit cards in the business credit card section as of the date of this post.

Why Businesses Choose the American Express Platinum Business Freedom Pass Credit Card

Your Credit Network offers more than 25+ business credit card offers to entrepreneurs searching for the perfect line of credit, so what is it about the American Express Platinum Business FreedomPass Credit Card that makes it so special? First, let’s take a look at some of the program’s features that set this business credit card apart from the rest in its category:

  • Free Reward Program – Members of the American Express Platinum Freedom Pass program enjoy a point-based reward program at not additional charge.
  • First Purchase Bonus Points – 5000 bonus points will be awarded to cardholders after their first purchase.
  • Great for Companies that Travel Frequently – The point-based system allows for the redeeming of points earned toward virtually any travel-related expense imaginable; those that can’t be used may be easily converted to cash rebates for your convenience.
  • Reward Points Never Expire – Great news for companies that make small or infrequent purchases that wouldn’t otherwise allow for large rebates due to a short point expiration period.
  • No Limit on Points Per Purchase – This card doesn’t place a limit on points that can be earned during a time period or on a per-transaction basis, so cardholders who make large or frequent purchases can get the most bang for their buck.

How Does this Credit Card Compare to Others?

The AMEX Platinum Business Freedom Pass Credit Card also allows members to carry a balance from one billing period to the next, which is not the case for other American Express credit cards such as the Business Gold Rewards Card or the Business Green Rewards Card. It also has one of the lowest annual percentage rates for purchases (12.99%) of the cards that do allow for balances to accrue, second only to the American Express Platinum Business Credit Card and the Blue Cash for Business Credit Card, which both have an APR of 11.24%.

The bottom line with the American Express Platinum Business Freedom Pass is actually included within the name of the card – freedom. What sets this credit card apart from other American Express cards as well as credit cards from competing issuers is the freedom to use as many of the points earned whenever you want, where ever you want, and on whatever you want. Other cards may have marginally lower interest rates, but the restrictions on the rewards earned through program participation are the price you pay. Business owners / financial decision-makers who don’t want to put up with the hassle of these restrictions would be well-advised to put the American Express Platinum FreedomPass Credit Card at the top of their list.

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Kimberly Carte
Team Your Credit Network

Thursday, 18 January 2007 18:32:42 (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)  #     
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