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Credit Card Blog - Can You Be Jailed For Not Paying Credit Cards?

 Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Going to prison for not paying credit cards

We all know that life brings many stresses with it. One of those stresses is credit card payments! We are all human, and sometimes we make mistakes. Those mistakes can be as little as losing car keys, or even worse, not paying your credit card bill. Both are bad, but the credit card bill is probably a tiny but worse. So if that happens, what is the worst case scenario for you? Can you actually be jailed for not paying your credit card?

The Slammer, The Clink, The Hole, The Cell, Your Destination?

I appreciate the concern you have for not paying your credit card bill. But honestly...jail? You will not be thrown into jailed if you do not pay your credit card bills. We are not dealing with a criminal issue here. This is only a civil issue. So do not worry about the police knocking on your door dangling handcuffs. The worst thing that can happen to you is a person showing up at your door with papers telling you they will see you in court. The creditors have the right to get their money. They want to recover that money quickly. So they will just start off by mail you notices, then move up to phone notices. When that option is exhausted, then comes the lawsuit.

Let’s Not Make Lawsuits An Option

Like stated earlier, the creditors want their money. They will be kind at first, and that is the only stage you need to be concerned with. The key factor is that they are being nice to you, even though you are late on your payments. So do not make them upset, and pay those bills immediately. You have been granted leeway, and you should be thankful for that. Do not be happy there is no jail time involved, and become relaxed on payments. If this happens too much, then your credit will be so messed up that you might as well have been in jail. Because you will be getting no credit or any financial backing anyways, because of your poor credit.

Jump On Your Problems Before They Jump On You

Remember, if you take control of your financial situation before it controls you, then these things will rarely happen. I know that unforeseen things will arise, and troubles may happen. But whenever you can, make sure you are doing the right thing with your money. Pay off bills on time, or as soon as possible. Do not let these things get over 30 days, because that is when the trouble begins to mount. So just be careful, and make sure you are also acting in your best interest. These creditors will always act in their best interest, because this is how they have managed a successful company. So do the same for yourself, and make sure you do not let things get out of hand. In the end, you do not want to find yourself in a court room having to pay extra fees on top of the ones you already owe.

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