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Credit Card Blog - Capital One Classic Platinum Credit Card

 Friday, 20 July 2007

Capital One Classic Platinum Credit Card

Have you seen this great Capital One Bank credit card from Your Credit Network? It is the Class Platinum card from Capital One, and if you have average credit history and want the security of a dependable credit program, this is definitely the right card for you! This post will cover the basics of this platinum credit card and why it may fit with you.

Capital One Platinum Classic: Credit Card Basics

  • $0 annual fee
  • 12.89% Variable APR
  • No application or participation fees
  • Designed for people who want a card with great benefits and a great APR
  • For people with average credit history

Click here for the full list of basic information.

You Need a Classic Platinum Card That Will Work For You

You know you deserve better than average, so why not make that dream a reality? The Capitol One Classic Platinum credit card makes it easy to have a card that has a great APR as well as great benefits. A great part of this card is you do not have to have excellent credit, but Capital One will still treat you like a VIP with their award-winning 24/7 customer support!

Perhaps the most attractive feature of this classic credit card is the 12.89% variable interest rate. This is lower than you would see on most other platinum cards. So you will not have to worry about the hassle of a large APR.

Did I forget to mention that there are no balance transfer fees? So if you want to transfer those other balances from higher APR cards then go right ahead! If that was not enough, Capital One makes things easier by charging no added fees when you make purchases outside of the United States. It is your money, and Capital One cards think that you should keep as much of it as possible.

So let’s recap: low APR, no annual fee or other fees, and no fees on purchases outside of the United States. What a deal!

Get a Classic Card at a Fantastic Rate

Don’t feel left out in the cold. Great APR and great benefits are something that Capital One really believes that everyone should be entitled to having. Find out more about this great Platinum card, and why it wants to be the card of your choice. They want you to take full advantage of all the great services that have for you. Don’t wait any longer -- now is the time to get a credit card you can be proud to use every day!

Click here to apply for the Capital One Classic Platinum credit card.

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