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Credit Card Blog - Capital One Platinum Max Credit Card

 Thursday, 19 July 2007

Capital One Platinum Max Card

New to Your Credit Network is the Capital One Platinum Max card. This is an exciting addition to Your Credit Network and in this blog entry we will cover the basics of the card, its strengths, and how it stacks up to other cards in the Capital One series.

Capital One Platinum Max Basics

  • 9.9% APR
  • No annual fee
  • Balance and transfers guaranteed for three years
  • A simple credit card – no rewards program, just a low interest rate and great customer service when you need it

No Rewards, No Problem!

Credit card rewards programs are nice things (in theory) but they are also well-known for complicating an otherwise simple process. Credit card reward programs often times only reward you after you have spent a rather large amount of money, and they reward you with a prize that is not even close to being worth the amount of money you spent. It seems almost unfair that you must spend thousands of dollars to receive a free t-shirt, or get other rewards that simply don’t turn out to be everything you wanted.

Low APR? You Bet! Capital One’s Platinum Max Card Delivers…

Capital One has brought you its branded “No Hassle” credit cards for years and their finest card just might be the Capital One Platinum Max card. Although it doesn’t have a rewards program like other cards you see, the beauty of this program is in its simplicity: the incredible 9.9% APR. The card also comes with $100,000 worldwide travel accident insurance, 24 hour roadside assistance, emergency card replacement or cash advance, and rental car insurance.

A Max-terpice

If you think that rewards programs are a tad overrated, then this is definitely the best Capital One credit card for you. This card is designed for those with very good credit and can be very beneficial for individuals who intend to carry balances from month to month. The bottom line is the Platinum Max is one of the better credit cards you are going to find and – reward program or not – it’s definitely worth a look

Click here for a full credit card review of the Capital One Platinum Max card.

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