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Credit Card Blog - Capital One Standard Platinum Credit Card

 Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Capital One Standard Platinum Credit Card

If you have credit troubles in the past you are probably looking for a great way to get back on the right track. Your Credit Network is proud to announce the Standard Platinum Card from Capital One Bank – a credit card specially designed for people who are working hard to rebuild their credit profile. This post will cover the basics of this card and how Capital One will help you work yourself back into a good credit bracket.

Capital One Standard Platinum: Credit Card Basics

  • $19 annual fee
  • 14.89% Variable APR
  • No application or participation fees
  • For those who have credit problems but are working to raise their credit score

Click here to view the complete basics of the Capital One Standard Platinum Card

Stability and Peace of Mind Come Standard

If you have credit troubles then you probably just expect credit cards to come with high interest rates and numerous fees - but the Capital One Standard Platinum breaks away from that trend. There are no monthly fees and no fees that are assessed for slightly late payments; the only fee you have is a $19 annual fee. This is very low for a credit card that is intended for people with a less than perfect credit history.

What is the best feature of this card? There are no balance transfer fees! This is an incredible perk for individuals who are currently carrying balance on other high-interest credit cards. You will save a lot of money by paying lower interest rate, and this will bring you one step close to becoming debt free!

Platinum Status is Something Everyone Can Achieve

Don’t sit there and settle for a poor credit credit card that does not work for you. The Capital One Standard Platinum card wants you to be privileged to have a great credit card regardless of your situation. So start to change your life and credit score right now! You will see a great improvement in just a few short months if you stay on top of your payments.

Click here to apply for the Capitol One Standard Platinum Credit Card

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