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Credit Card Blog - Chase +1 Student MasterCard

 Thursday, 24 January 2008

Chase +1 Student MasterCard

  • 0% APR on balance transfers & purchases for six months
  • 17.74% regular APR, variable
  • Earn points by using Facebook
  • Share points with friends or donate to causes

Are you a student? Would you like to earn rewards for using your credit card? If so, the Chase +1 Student MasterCard is the card for you. In this post, we’ll give you the basics of the Chase +1 Student MasterCard and explain what makes it stand out among the competition.

About the Rewards Program

The rewards program is the biggest selling point for the Chase +1 Student MasterCard. Through this program, you will earn one “karma”, or reward, point for each dollar you spend on eligible purchases. Cardholders can redeem rewards points for exclusive member benefits, such as movies, music, Ticketmaster gift cards, spring break discounts, and VIP movie screening tickets. You will also earn additional rewards points on Facebook. In addition, you have the option of sharing your points with friends or donating them to support causes.

Other Card Information

Other benefits of the Chase +1 Student MasterCard include an extended warranty plan, purchase protection, and emergency cash and card replacement. You have access to the rewards program and these additional benefits for no annual fee. Cardholders will also enjoy a competitive 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases for the first six months. After this offer expires, the card comes with a 17.74% variable APR. Because this APR is above average, the Chase +1 Student MasterCard is best suited for those who do not carry a revolving balance. Thus, for students with good credit who plan on taking advantage of the rewards program, the Chase +1 Student MasterCard is an excellent choice.

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