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Credit Card Blog - Discover Business Miles Card

 Friday, 13 April 2007

Announcing the Discover Business Miles Card

The latest addition to Your Credit Network is the Discover Business Miles Card issued by Discover/Morgan Stanley. This blog will examine the card's great features and give you insight on what it means to have a stellar business miles card from Discover.

Discovering What the Discover Business Miles Card has to Offer

Are you always on the go for business trips? If so, you need a credit card that can start giving back. The Discover Business Miles Card is designed for those with very good credit who plan to take advantage of the travel reward program. Why should you dish out endless amounts of money for your business-related travel only to get nothing in return? Well now you can! Discover has put together a perfect reward program allowing cardholders the ability to earn double miles on up to $5,000 in travel and gas purchases; they also give one mile for every dollar spent on general purchases. Redeeming your miles is easy and they can be used toward airfare or reduced airfare on most major U.S. based airlines. Cardholders also have the ability to redeem miles for gift cards from 50 brand-name partners. A great feature is that there is no limit to the amount of points a cardholder can earn and points do not expire, which is not commonplace with most business credit cards currently on the market.

Attractive features of the Discover Business Miles Credit Card

  • Introductory Rate: 0.00%
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Balance Transfer Fee: None
  • Additional Miles: Earn double miles on up to $5,000 in travel and gas purchases.

The Perks of having a Business Miles Credit Card

Everyone wants a great rewards program, so why shouldn’t you have a great business card that is going to give back great deals specifically designed for the modern executive on the go? Now you can have just that! Traveling for business can be very expensive, and what's worse is there is no easy way to get around it. Having a card that can give back to you really can help you out and save you a pretty penny over time. In addition to airline bonuses and cash savings, here are a few perks that this business cash card has to offer:

  • 30% Off + Six 1/4 Pound Steak Burgers Free from Omaha Steaks
  • Up to 20% Off Purchases at Lenovo
  • 20% Off Your Floral Order at

See the Discover Business Miles Card for additional perks this card offers.

Additional Resources:

Jay Dobbins
Your Credit Network

Friday, 13 April 2007 22:25:49 (GMT Daylight Time, UTC+01:00)  #     
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