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Credit Card Blog - Millennium Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard

 Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Millenium Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard

Would you like the convenience of a credit card without the risk? Are you unable to qualify for an unsecured card? If this sounds like you, the Millennium Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard is ideal for your situation. In this post, we’ll give you some basic information about the Millennium Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard and explain what makes it unique.

Millennium Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard Basics

  • No annual fee
  • $99 application fee
  • Convenience of a credit card without risk of overspending
  • $5.95 monthly participation fee
  • $1.00 reloading fee
  • Inactivity fee after 60 days
  • Easy to qualify for

About the Millennium Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard

If you have difficulty qualifying for an unsecured card because of credit challenges, you will want to consider the Millennium Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard. This is a stored value card designed specifically for people who do not qualify for other types of cards. You will enjoy all the conveniences of a credit card without any risk of going into debt. You make your payments in advance, and these payments represent your spending limit. You can load your card via online account transfers, mailed payments, or at loading stations at authorized partner locations. Every time you reload, you will pay a $1 fee.

Fees and Other Information

When you apply for the Millennium Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard, you will pay a one-time $99 activation fee. There is also a low $5.95 monthly participation fee for the convenience of the card. The inactivity fee only applies if you do not use your card for 60 days. In the first year, you will pay at least $170.40 in fees. It is important to note that this card does not report activity to the credit bureaus, which means it will not have an impact on your credit. This is mainly a concern for people who are looking for a card to rebuild bad credit.

Apply for the MasterCard Millennium Advantage Pre-Paid card

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