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Credit Card Blog - Using Your Credit Card on Vacation

 Thursday, 02 August 2007

How do you use your credit card on vaction?

The last thing any of us want to have happen is too max out cards while vacation. Vacation is supposed to be a fun time, and we need to do all we can to manage the money while managing the fun. So here are a few tips on how to use your credit cards while on vacation. Hopefully this will help you find the great balance between money and fun; while emphasizing fun.

Don’t Burn Your Plastic!

  • Know your credit limits

This is an obvious one, but it is also worth stating twice. Know how much money you have and how much money you will be able to spend. That way you can manage better. The last thing you want to do is blindly throw your money around without even realizing how much you have. That is a great way to find yourself in the middle of trouble.

  • Know which cards work overseas

Make sure that if you are going overseas you only bring the cards that allow for overseas use. You do not want to get stuck with a card that will not work. You also do not want to be left with a card that has an unreasonable interest rate overseas. So it is a good idea to scope out which credit card (or credit cards) is most overseas friendly, and then bring that.

  • Find out about fees

This is also one that can be applied to overseas. Know how much it will cost you to use these cards in other countries. Also, you need to know if there are any charges if you use your card out of your local area. Just become more familiar with what your card has to offer.

  • Prepare for any emergency

Your card may have emergency protection, which is great. Make sure that your card does, and then find out what it covers. It is better to be prepared for the situation, then have that situation arise and no way out of it.

The Most Important Thing…

Have fun! Don’t worry about your finances, because you have done the research. If you are prepared then nothing can shock you. Fun and excitement are all you need to worry about. Your card will be there with you, and it will be happy that you aren’t abusing it on this vacation. Even your card needs a vacation once in a while.

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